What Are The Benefits of Plant Stem Cells in Skincare?

We hear a lot about stem cells being used in research for medical treatments to repair diseased or injured tissue. But what exactly are plant stem cells and what are their benefits in skincare products?

What is a stem cell?

So, first for the science. A simple Google search will generate the following:

/ˈstem ˌsel/


  1. an undifferentiated cell of a multicellular organism which is capable of giving rise to indefinitely more cells of the same type, and from which certain other kinds of cell arise by differentiation.

In more simple terms these are alike cells that have not yet decided what kind of cells they will become. For humans, these are cells that could mature into skin, muscle or nerve cells. For plants, the undifferentiated cells live in the meristem, which is tissue found in zones of the plant where the majority of growth takes place. Stem cells help to regenerate and repair when a plant is injured, for instance when stems, flowers or branches are broken off.

For both species, stem cells are extremely important in providing the ability of renewal and reparation. Plant stem cells actually have stronger antioxidant properties than their human counterparts, because plants remain stationary while having to survive weather changes. This is especially true for plants native to Scandinavia, where the season changes are dramatic and the winter climate is extreme. 

Plant Stem Cell Benefits for Skin

On the topic of Scandinavia, one of the original studies of plant stem cell benefits for skin actually took place in Switzerland on Swiss apple cells. The results showed that stem cell extracts could reverse the aging process of cultured fibroblasts. From clinical trials on 20 people, which spanned over the course of 4 weeks, the apple stem extract was shown to significantly reduce crow’s feet. 

Plant stem cells are packed with antioxidants, which help your skin combat free radicals that would otherwise cause damage—offering immense anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits as your skin becomes more equipped to protect itself. Though in skincare products, the plant stem cells are no longer alive, they still offer an incredible boost of antioxidants and amino acids that encourage your skin to produce more collagen—keeping the complexion plump and youthful.

We have developed the “Fountain of Youth” with Skön. Our very own plant stem cell face cream provides DNA and cell support for brightening, anti-wrinkle cellular strengthening and filling, protection against anti-aging and skin nutrition. We use stem cell culture extracts from Globe Daisy, which helps to eliminate toxins and regenerate tissue. But, we didn’t stop there! Skön is also packed with Vitamin C from Rhodiola Rose; extracts from Starflower, which is the richest source of FLA fatty acid and peptides to smooth deep wrinkles and provide a Botox-like effect. 

When used alongside a tissue exfoliating agent, such as Mjuk, the results are even more intense. Exfoliation sloughs away dead skin cells and removes debris, leaving the perfect canvas for our plant stem cell moisturizer Skön to be applied for maximum renewal and repair. 

We strive to incorporate the best of modern skincare science with the highest quality natural ingredients in all our products. We call this the Scandinavian difference, which is the high standard we hold ourselves to and what we believe really sets us apart. 

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