Q:  "What products should I pair together?"
A:  We recommend that you review each product page for possible pairings.  Our products are designed to work well together, so you can really purchase whatever you like.  We recommend purchasing a cleanser, a pre-serum, a serum and a moisturizer for best results.

Q:  "Why do I need four different products - a cleanser, pre-serum, serum and a moisturizer?"
A:  Great question.  For the most effective and beautiful results, you do need all four of these.
- You should clean the environmental impurities from your skin before applying any other products or going to bed.  Our cleanser is gentle but very effective in lifting and removing impurities, including those nasty environmental pollutants, off of your skin.  
- Our pre-serum is described further below.  It prepares your skin for serum application and absorption, and increases the moisture in your cells.
- Our serums are the ultimate tools in renewing and rejuvenating your skin.  They firm, hydrate, exfoliate, stimulate, smooth, brighten, protect from free radicals, and more.
- Our moisturizers complement our serums by sealing in the serum and providing superior hydration  They also stimulate cells, protect against free radicals, brighten the skin and have numerous anti-aging/anti-wrinkle benefits.

Q:  "What's so special about the pre-serum?  Isn't it just like any other toner?”
A:  Our pre-serum is not just another toner.  It is extremely hydrating, and because it contains hyaluronic acid, it plumps your cells, helping them hold more moisture.  That, of course, decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  It is wonderful to follow pre-serum application with a serum.  The serum will literally glide onto your face, and your face will have improved smoothness.

Q:  "Will you be releasing more products?"
A:  Yes.  We have more phenomenal products that are tested and ready to go.  We plan to have subsequent new launches of our amazing eye serum, another wonderful cleanser, and two more moisturizers.

Q:  "How do I contact you?"
A:  Please see the "Contact Us" section at the bottom of the home page.  You may call us or email us.  We will make every effort to contact you back within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends).

Q: “Why do you recommend starting the use of some of your products by applying them only once every other day?”
A: “A little bit goes a long way.”  All our products have very active ingredients that will improve the feel and appearance of your skin.  If you have not previously used skincare products with very active ingredients, it typically takes a couple of weeks for your skin to become used to the products.  So, gradually increasing the amount of product applied, and the frequency of application allows for a smooth, steady improvement of your skin.  The “ramp-up” time varies from person to person, depending on your skin type.  You know your skin better than anybody else.  Keep an eye on how your skin reacts to the amount applied and the application frequency.

Q:  "What if I have a breakout after I start using the product?"
A:  Breakouts in the form of red spots when starting a regimen may occur in some circumstances.  All our products are packed with active ingredients that stimulate exfoliation and cell renewal (skin “turn over”).  Continued use of the products will cause your face to clear and you should not have further problems.  If you prefer to slow down the “turn-over” process, and thereby the initial breakouts, you may choose to reduce the amount of product, and/or the application frequency, until your skin adjusts to the products.