5 Scandinavian Beauty Secrets for Healthy Glowing Skin

You’ve likely heard of Scandinavian Design, or Scandinavian Blonde, but how familiar are you with Scandinavian Beauty? Touted as the next big thing in beauty, S-Beauty is here to stay.

How can we be so sure? Because minimalist effectiveness is ingrained in our culture. Scandinavians are practical people, too much is excessive. Our products are stripped from marketing fads and buzzword ingredients—simplicity-inclined, function-focused. We carefully and consciously select each natural ingredient, so they can reach their maximum potency and not be overpowered by synthetics—for us, less is always more.

Keep your skincare routine simple, but effective, with these five Scandinavian beauty secrets for healthy and glowing skin.

1. Effective Cleansing

Cleansing is a key ritual to maintain clear bright skin and should never be rushed. The cleaner the skin, the more effective the serums and moisturizers that follow. Our carefully formulated Klar clay cleanser takes cleanliness to the next level without depleting skin of natural nutrients. Kaolin clay minerals gently remove impurities from pores, while Horsetail—or ‎Skogsfräken—works as a powerful anti-inflammatory to calm irritation and leave a healthy glow. 

2. Next-Level Hydration

While our summers are warm and abundant with nature, Scandinavian winters are extreme. We prepare for shifts in temperature by focusing on maintaining skin’s hydration level and moisture barrier. All skin types need hydration to stay healthy—dry or dehydrated skin impedes its ability to produce more collagen and stay firm. We created Ren, our pre-serum, with Deuterium Oxide (aka heavy water), which delivers a deep replenishment of water to the skin and Hyaluronic Acid, which holds more than 1000x its weight in moisture.

3. Appreciation for Nature

People travel far and wide to experience the true natural beauty of Scandinavia. Home to fjords, glaciers and mountainous flowers that bloom in the harshest weather conditions—Scandinavians know to appreciate Mother Nature’s bounty. One of Scandinavia’s best-kept natural anti-aging secrets—the Alpine-native Cloudberry—contains as much as four times more Vitamin C than an orange—providing immense anti-aging benefits and encouraging collagen production. You'll find Cloudberry in Klar—our answer for beautifully energized skin.

4. Work Smart, Not Harsh

Mjuk Resurfacing Serum | Scandinavian Beauty Secrets for Glowing Healthy Skin

Our dedication to practicality and function makes us very selective on which products or ingredients we’ll put on our face. Our non-irritating Vitamin A (Retinal) formulation is patented for maximum results and no downtime. Mjuk is balanced with Red Algae, Cranberry, Honeysuckle flower extracts, and Sea Buckthorn, Starflower, and Chamomile essential oils for optimal skin renewal. In full Scandinavian spirit, Mjuk is the most gentle, most effective retinoid product available without a prescription. It’s the ideal anti-aging product for most skin types—reducing the appearance of wrinkles while renewing skin using stem cell technology.


5. Protection

The key to a damage-free and youthful complexion is nourishment and protection. For Scandinavians living in extreme weather conditions—and just as exposed to UV rays and pollution—protection is the final step to any thorough skincare routine. We created Naturlig to blend Scandinavian botanicals with skincare science for luxurious and superior hydration, cellular stimulation and free-radical protection.

Staying true to our Swedish roots, we use only biocompatible ingredients that your skin can recognize, accept, and process for a healthy long-lasting glow. We hope we can inspire you to spring clean your routine and scale back to only the necessities.

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