Signs of Aging by Age 30

Did you know?  Your skin starts to show signs of aging by age 30.  If you start our great skincare now, you can drastically change how you will look in 20 years.

Change #1:  The overall moisture in your cells decreases as the transfer of moisture between cell layers is slowed.

Solution #1:  Products containing Hyaluronic Acid, honey mel, heavy water and sphingolipids are all extremely beneficial in restoring cellular moisture.  We recommend our Ren Pre-Serum, Skön and Naturlig Moisturizers, and Ung Serum.

Change #2:  Your overall complexion becomes less bright.  With age, our cells turn over more slowly, the dead (more dull) cells stay on the skin’s surface longer.  By our late 30’s, skin cells are only turning over every 45 days, versus 28 days when we are much younger.

Solution #2:  Look for key ingredients that help to speed skin cell turnover.  Vitamin C is well known for it’s properties in increasing cell turnover and increasing skin brightness.  Peptides, stem cells, carnitine and numerous botanicals are also known for their amazing abilities in increasing cell turnover. We have packed our products with these additives – check out our Clay Cleanser, Livfull and Mjuk Serums and Skön Serum.

Change #3:  Collagen (skin strength) and Elastin (skin elasticity) decrease.  This causes wrinkles and fine lines to become more obvious.

Solution #3: Increase your collagen, improve the integrity of your cell structure and nourish the outer layer of skin.  This can be achieved through Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide, Retinal, peptides, stem cells and amino acids, to name a few.  We offer these actives in our Livfull, Mjuk and Ung Serums and our Skön Moisturizer.

Change #4:  Cellular turnover slows.  It can take twice as long for the old cells to turnover with new cell replacement.  Dark spots and fine lines start to develop.

Solution #4:  Hyaluronic Acid and a serum containing Retinal is your solution.  Retinal helps exfoliate the spotted layers and increase the speed of new cell production.  Our products, Livfull, Mjuk and Ung Serums and our Moisturizers, Naturlig and Skön have all the tools you need to accomplish increased cell turnover.  Also see Solution #2.

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