4 steps for younger, smoother, healthier looking skin

Most of us, at least over the age of 20, wish our skin looked less blemished, less wrinkled, less blotchy or less dull.  Those wishes can come true and are easily achievable by following these steps:

  1. Cleanse:  Klar, our clay cleanser, uses clay minerals and lots of botanicals, including the Swedish Cloudberry, to remove impurities, calm and strengthen your skin.
  2. Pre-treat:  Ren, our pre-serum, contains hyaluronic acid, "heavy water" and Chamomile to hydrate, calm and gently exfoliate.
  3. Serum:  Our three serums, Livfull, Mjuk and Ung, are potent yet gentle and contain peptides, amino acids, botanical stem cells, vitamin A, Vitamin C's, Retinal, and lots of Swedish botanicals.  They beautify by preventing and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening, brightening and evening out pigmentation.
  4. Moisturize:  We recommend you moisturize at night with one of our amazing moisturizers, Naturlig or Skön.  They are also loaded with actives like botanical stem cells, amino acids, peptides, honeybee products and Swedish botanicals.  They continue to beautify your skin through all of their rejuvenating qualities.
As you can see, we have the tools to achieve younger, smoother, healthier looking skin.

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