"If I had to pick just one skincare product to use for the rest of my life it would 100% hands down be Scändic® Ung/Young Line Smoothing Serum + Chamomile! It's truly changed my life & the way I look at skincare! The first thing that made such an impression on me about this serum is that it contains four potent & very powerful peptides that actually mimic the effects of of Botox®! So not only do you get long term results with this serum, you get immediate results (and I mean immediate like in as soon as it absorbs - about 30 seconds) including major firming & tightening of the skin. My fine lines & large pores disappeared right before my eyes! The very first time I used this serum I was so shocked & so thrilled by what was happening with my skin you would have thought I won the lottery! And I guess in a way I did - the amazing skin lottery! Ung Serum has even been shown to decrease fine lines & wrinkles up to a whopping 300% when used daily for as little as 2 months! Ung is also formulated with Chamomile, Lavender, Orange Peel Oil & a ton of soothing botanicals to nourish the skin & help restore it back to the glorious state of health & youthfulness! Everything in this serum just works perfectly to compliment one another so it's no surprise to me the the company was started by a RN & medical engineer! This brand definitely knows what will scientifically work & work well. This serum is a bit thinner than most serums I've tried & has a silky texture that glides on smoothly & evenly. It has an almost tacky like feel & absorbs quickly & completely leaving my face feeling fresh & hydrated. It has a lovely clean scent and the glass dropper is excellent at dispensing the proper amount of serum. I use 3 drops twice a day & my complexion has never been so incredible! At 38 I admit that I haven't always taken skincare seriously so I never thought I'd see skin like this again without surgery! I'm just in total awe of Ung Serum! I can't thank Scandic Beauty enough for the opportunity to test it out! Not only does my skin look so young & radiant, it's been a real confidence booster for me! I actually hold my head up now & love showing my new face to the world!" Hollie (IG, FB and Twitter: hollies_hot_picks)

"I love this serum and the way it treats my skin.  It is a must in any skincare routine.  I add 4 drops on to my cleansed skin, morning and night.  My skin hasn't felt this wonderful in a while.  It feels smooth and firmer.  It leaves my skin with a beautiful glow that lasts." Yessy (IG: yessy_reviews)

"When it comes to beauty products, the Europeans are indeed no slouches. From Sweden comes the woman-owned Scandic,  which blends ancient Swedish botanicals with cutting-edge science. We’ve been using the starflower-based Pre-Serum, followed by the chamomile-based Serum and we have to say our skin looks brighter and tighter with these, which have us feeling totally refreshed." WAG Magazine

"I am 19 and have had acne since I was 13.  I had tried seemingly every acne product on the market, with no long-term success. After using Mjuk Serum, my skin is almost completely brand new, noticeably smoother and much healthier.  I would highly recommend to teens with acne - this works!” - Alex F.

"Just wanted to let you know that I am so enjoying your skincare!  I have used everything from drugstore brands to high end products and I have to say this is right up there with some of the most gentle, effective products I personally have used."  Dawn C.

"I love your serums and creams.  I have looked for a long time for a product I like and my skin loves. This is the first time in a long time that my face hasn't felt dry.  You have amazing products." - Anja C.

"The products go on really smoothly.  They clear and prevent breakouts and my skin has a really nice glow." - Leah A. (15 years old)

"I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!  I have been using them now for about 3 weeks and I have seen an improvement in my skin elasticity, texture, and softness.  I also love the scent.  There are few things I can put on my face since I am so sensitive.  I have had zero issues!!  Surprised." - Tamika P.

“Love the products... Love, love, love this product! Have been waiting for a skincare line that truly does what it says it will do. I get lots of compliments on my skin and happily tell them to be on the look out for a new product.”

“Love the smell of these products and the extra glow to my skin.”

"Since completing both chemotherapy and radiation, my skin has become extremely sensitive and reactive.  I have tried many different products but my skin  reacts to all of them very negatively.  I was hesitant to try Scandic Skincare.  I figured my skin would react as it does to all other products.  I was so pleasantly surprised and truly amazed by how quickly these products made a difference in my skin. Even though they are very potent, they are also very mild.  My sensitive skin is calm, moisturized and so soft and smooth.  These products are truly amazing and, when used as recommended, pamper your skin beautifully.  They are the perfect blend of nature and science - none of the icky chemicals my sensitive skin can't handle but active ingredients that make my skin look and feel great." - Sheila A.

“I feel more moisturized, softer and younger"

“Reduces brown spot and wrinkles and makes pores smaller”

“It feels softer, and wrinkles around my mouth and eyes were less noticeable”

“My face is clear and fresh feeling and it looks really nice. I have natural freckles which over time has turned into ‘age spots’ ...those darker areas on my face have faded remarkably! I am SO amazed and happy about that!”

“My skin is extremely hydrated and luminous. It really responds to the different products!”

“This was an amazing product line to use. I really loved experiencing all of the different components. From starting my day in the shower with the lovely scent and attributes of the cleanser, to the serum and moisturizer, I loved them all!!!”

“Smoother and slightly tighter in neck”

“Smoother, hydrated, soft, lines less noticeable”

"Jag tycker de känns bra.  Serumet ger energi och krämen smidighet.  Cleansern känns också bra."  ("I think they feel good.  The serum gives energy and the cream gives smoothness.  The cleanser also feels good.") - Katarina in Sweden

“It really hydrates my skin and leaves a beautiful glow. It works all day.”

“Softer and brighter”

"My name is Jane and I work as a flight attendant. I have suffered from problem skin since my mid 30’s, when Rosacea became my new unwanted friend. Flying only exacerbated my problem, as the dryness of the plane is hard on everyone.  I have tried to clear my skin for 20 years, visiting many doctors and trying multiple prescription creams and medications.  Other people were always commenting,  “Oh, you have been at the ? ". After a couple of years of explaining my skin condition, I learned to act like it was a compliment.  I would say, "Yes, I have been at the beach".  A fellow flight attendant asked me if I would like to try out this new Swedish skin care line that was being tested. I had read about a Swedish skin care line that was top the world. Needless to say, I said "Sign me up". After the first twenty four hours of using these new products, my face had an even tone. I was amazed and delighted and will never give them up!  Thanks a million times over...." - Jane D.

“Skin tone seems better..skin feels good to the touch”

“My skin tone is more even and some of the fine lines seem to disappear”

“It’s beautiful. I have firmer, hydrated and more glowing skin than I ever had.”

“My skin looks younger. It is visibly smooth. Fine wrinkles are less pronounced. The few blackheads are gone. My tone is more even. My pores are nearly invisible except on my forehead.”

“Softer, smoother, brighter and seems firmer”

“Healthier looking”

“Looks more radiant, feels softer to touch”

“My skin looks more refreshed and younger.”

“Very soft, smooth, less redness and overall better appearance”

“More even, hydrated, skin feel overall tighter”

“Softer brighter

Softer, more radiant, I look refreshed, feels smoother”

“Feels very moisturized and smooth”

“Softer, glows”

“Softer, less lines”

“Radiant and even color overall”

“Skin is brighter and even toned”

“I love these products...I will be upset when I run out...”