Klar / Clear Clay Cleanser
Klar / Clear Clay Cleanser

Klar / Clear Clay Cleanser

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Clean Clarify Brighten

‘Klar’ uses the purifying properties of clay minerals to gently and effectively lift and remove impurities in the pores.  It takes cleanliness to the next level without depleting the skin of essential nutrients. A bounty of natural botanicals, including Horsetail Extract, Eucalyptus Oil, Pink Grapefruit peel oil, and Cloudberry provide gently soothing properties as well as antibacterial support. ‘Klar’ is genuinely a “salt of the earth” staple for clear skin maintenance.

Excellent for all skin types

Works well with all of our products

110 mL | 3.7 fl oz.

"If you want an amazing smelling cleanser that shows you results within the first couple times of using it, get this one."

"Effortlessly removed every trace of my makeup pigment stains"

"Reduces my acne"

"Thorough cleaning effortlessly"

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