Naturlig / Natural Restorative Moisturizer

Naturlig / Natural Restorative Moisturizer

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Rejuvenate Smooth Protect

Let nature work for you. ‘Naturlig’ provides superior hydration by incorporating the natural byproducts of one of nature’s busiest insects – the honeybee.  Incorporating both Royal Jelly Powder and Honey to add antimicrobial and antibacterial capabilities, the skin is gently exfoliated, healed, nurtured, and nourished for complete rejuvenation. With the further blending of Rose Hips, Eucalyptus and Pink Grapefruit peel oil, among the many botanicals added, experience brightening, cellular and microcirculation stimulation, and free radical protection, as well.

Excellent for all skin types - including sensitive skin

Pairs well with Klar, Ren, and Ung, Mjuk or Livfull

50 mL | 1.7 fl oz.

"This leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized, without that greasy feeling.”

“This super lightweight moisturizer glides onto your skin and makes you feel like a queen”

“I feel more moisturized, softer and younger”

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