Mjuk / Smooth Resurfacing Serum
Mjuk / Smooth Resurfacing Serum

Mjuk / Smooth Resurfacing Serum

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Evens Brightens Refines

Mjuk works smart, not harsh.  Its patented vitamin A formulation (with Retinal) makes this serum the least irritating and yet most effective vitamin A serum available without a prescription.  Balanced with Red Algae, Cranberry, Honeysuckle flower extracts, Sea Buckthorn, Starflower, and Chamomile essential oils, Mjuk serum combines anti-aging, skin-renewal, and smoothing with mild hydration.

For sensitive skin, see "How to use" section.

Pairs well with Klar, Ren and Naturlig

30 mL | 1 fl oz.

"I could tell immediate results from this serum!  It left my skin bright and tightened after first application. My skin looked more radiant, super soft and healthy.”

"My dark spots and uneven skin tone are starting to disappear after only 1 week!”

“This serum clears me of my acne breakouts after just being applied twice
in a 24 hr period.  Amazing!”


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