Ren / Pure Pre-Serum

Ren / Pure Pre-Serum

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Hydrate Protect Firm

Regular water, “Dihydrogen Monoxide”, takes a back seat to ‘Ren’. Ren has a heavy water molecular footprint, deuterium oxide, which delivers a deep replenishment of water.  It then seals the skin’s barrier, thereby holding in precious moisture. Hyaluronic Acid plumps and moisturizes the cells of the skin for a double dose of moisture. Honey provides powerful hydration, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. Plantain Leaf Extract provides botanical / plant stem cells that prevent wrinkles and increase collagen production.  Plant extracts, including Chamomile and Starflower, join natural forces to both calm and reduce redness and bacterial growth, and gently exfoliate the skin’s surface.  ‘Ren’ provides that much-needed hydration that reinvigorates the skin and helps you feel your best whenever you need a boost.

Excellent for all skin types

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130 mL | 4.4 fl oz.

"Love this pre-serum.  After applying this, I only have to use a few drops of serum to cover my skin and it rubs in so smoothly.  My foundation goes on effortlessly after using the pre-serum and a serum in the mornings."

"As a flight attendant, I love this pre-serum.  I can spritz my face mid-flight to refresh and moisturize my skin."

"Love to spray my face with this pre-serum after applying my makeup in the mornings.  It "sets" my makeup for the day and keeps it looking fresh."

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